1. Get A Quote

Find out

  • There are two easy ways to get a Auto Shipping quote - Online or by phone. To receive an instant online quote, complete the quote request form or if you prefer to receive your quote by phone, you can speak with a transport manager by calling772-867-7202


2.  Book Your Order

Secure Reservation System

  • After receiving your auto transport quote you will be given the option to book your order using our secure online reservation system available 24 hours a day which makes booking your shipment quick and easy.
  • Convenient Payment Options:
    • Partial Payment - with this option a partial payment is due at time of placing your order and you pay the balance at time of pickup or delivery. Please keep in mind the balance must be paid in cash or certified funds.
    • Full Payment - with this option you can pay the full amount by credit card at time of placing your order and not have to worry about paying the balance on pickup or delivery.
If you prefer to book by phone, you can speak with your auto transport manager by calling 772-867-7202

    3.  Pickup and Delivery

    Schedule a Date

    • Once we have scheduled your vehicle for pickup or delivery. We will contact you immediately with your pickup and delivery date normally 24 hours in advance. Next, the driver will contact you 2 hours prior to pickup or delivery providing you with an estimated time of arrival.
    • Upon pickup the driver will conduct a vehicle inspection recording if any existing external damage on a Bill of Lading such as pre-existing scratches, dents or other damage.
    • On the bill of lading (inspection report) form there is an image of the vehicle. The truck driver marks all pre-existing damages in the correct area of the image.
    • Both the truck driver and you sign the document and each must keep a copy of it.
    • At the time of delivery, the truck driver must allow you to carefully inspect your vehicle again.
    • If there are any NEW scratches, dents or other damages to your vehicle you MUST mark them on the bill of lading in the proper area of the image and write down in the field for exceptions/comments an exact description of the NEW damage.
    • Only AFTER the inspection, both the truck driver and you should sign the document and each must keep a copy of it.
    • After the inspection, if there is a balance due for your shipment, legally you still must pay even if there is an issue with the vehicle. An insurance claim and payment of freight charges are two entirely different transactions.




    Damages are not an expected part of the shipping process, but they can happen. In the event they do, properly filling out the Bill of Lading (inspection report) can save you a lot of time and stress and can help ensure a successful insurance claim. At the time of delivery, if there is a disagreement or the trucker insists that the process is done differently, please call Active Auto Transport so we can assist you at 772-867-7202



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